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Logo of Artery V2X Simulation Framework

Artery enables V2X simulations based on ETSI ITS-G5 protocols like GeoNetworking and BTP. Single vehicles can be equipped with multiple ITS-G5 services through Artery's middleware, which also provides common Facilities for these services. Some basic services, such as Cooperative Awareness (CAMs) and Decentralized Notification (DENMs), are already included.

What is your medicine?

You may wonder what it is all about those medical terms about blood vessels in a technical environment. Artery started as an extension of Veins, whose name derives from "Vehicles in Network Simulation". Veins has put emphasis on WAVE, the U.S. counterpart of ITS-G5, at least back in 2014 when development on Artery has started. Though Artery is not a fancy acronym, we thought it is a nice play on words because "arteries" are just related to "veins" as is ITS-G5 to WAVE. Please note that you can run Artery without Veins when you employ the radio model from INET.


Artery is made available under the GPL version 2. This license allows private and commercial usage and frankly speaking, you do not need to disclose your modified source code as long as you do not distribute the compiled software. However, we kindly ask you to contribute your changes back to Artery's upstream repository.

Last update: April 4, 2020