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Create a custom simulation setup

After installing Artery, you are now eager to create your own simulation? This guide takes you step-by-step through creating a new scenario and a new service.

Create a new scenario

  1. Create new scenario folder in scenario/ such as scenario/your_scenario
  2. Create and edit necessary files for SUMO (cf. SUMO documentation)
    • SUMO config: your_scenario.sumocfg
    • road network file:
    • routes file: your_scenario.rou.xml
  3. Create and edit necessary files for Artery/OMNeT++
    • add run target for your scenario to scenario/your_scenario/CMakeLists.txt
      add_opp_run(your_scenario CONFIG omnetpp.ini)
      This line enables the run_your_scenario and debug_your_scenario targets.
    • add a OMNeT++ configuration file
      Set *.traci.launcher.sumocfg = your_scenario.sumocfg so Artery launches your SUMO scenario. Have a look at scenarios/artery/omnetpp.ini which showcases many of Artery's features.
    • services.xml specifies the services the vehilces will run, e.g. CaService or Your_Service
    • sensors.xml if you intend to use the environment model
  4. Add your scenario folder to scenario/CMakeLists.txt

With these files in place, you can now build and run your scenario with cmake --build build --target run_your_scenario.

Create a new service

At first, have a look at ExampleService to familiarize yourself with the basic structure of an Artery service application. You can find its header (ExampleService.h), source file (, and OMNeT++ module description (ExampleService.ned) in the src/artery/application directory.

  1. Create and edit your service in src/artery/application/
    • C++ files: and Your_Service.h
    • OMNeT++ message files (optional): Your_Message.msg (cf. OMNeT++ documentation)
    • OMNeT++ module file: Your_Service.ned
  2. Add your C++ sources to src/artery/CMakeLists.txt just like and consorter
  3. That's it!

While placing all your services in src/artery/application is fine, this is not a strict requirement. For example, scenarios/highway-police demonstrates how to add a service directly next to a scenario. Furthermore, our services related to the environment model are located at src/artery/envmod/service.


Thanks to Alexander Willecke for contributing this page.

Last update: April 10, 2023